Family Business Continuity Workshops

hands-on advice for hands-on business owners

In these comprehensive one day workshops, Lloyd can take you step-by-step through the key issues facing family businesses including family business continuity, succession planning (transferring to the next generation) and estate planning (transfer on death).

The workshops bring together a team of technical experts to provide education and build awareness that family business continuity is an ongoing journey that:

Lloyd had helped businesses to find direction and clarity in a diverse range of industries including:

  • Captures family history and legacy from generations past
  • Facilitates growth and development of the business
  • Improves resilience of the family members
  • Enables business to evolve and innovate to align with the wider business environment
  • Requires structure and documentation to be formally recognised
  • Agriculture and primary production
  • Industrial and industrial services
  • Construction and construction services
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Property development
  • Wholesale and import/export

Who should attend?

The workshops are designed for families with:

  • an existing family businesses i.e. the second generation or more than two generations in longevity
  • a founding generation has a desire to establish a family business
  • family members who want to diversify by leveraging their individual competencies along with the asset backing of the main family business who

The key decision-makers of the business are encouraged to attend the workshop, typically three or four members of the family/business.

One Day Workshops (6 hours)

In family business, there is no one size that fits all. That’s why the workshops have the flexibility to cater for the groups participating, offering relevant advice that covers a wide range of topics including:

Strategic drivers of family business
  • Values and legacy
  • Financial and non-financial
  • Being the custodian and steward
Interaction between generations
  • Transitioning through family member to family ambassador
  • Retaining value within the business regardless of stage of life
Understanding of family business
  • Family dynamics
  • Dysfunction is diversity, dynamics and positive disruption
  • Drivers of the different generations
  • The “three circle” model
Alignment of all family business governance and family expectations
  • Family council
  • Family charter
  • Distinction between business and family while maintaining interaction
  • Preservation and growth of family business performance and wealth for the benefit of all generations

Just some of the features that make these workshops so effective:


Relaxed, small groups

To make sure your family gets as much as possible out of the experience, the workshops are designed for small groups of no more than 24 people (six to eight family businesses with three or four members from each family).


Trusted team

Lloyd collaborates with a trusted team of technical experts in the legal, accounting, financial advisory and financial services areas to ensure all participants can understand how a Succession Team works in practice.


Realistic advice

Lloyd and his team bring a wealth of knowledge to the workshops along with a relaxed, friendly approach. The focus is on practical advice that is straight-to-the-point, easy to follow and genuinely useful in moving to the next stages of your business.


Practically applied

The workshops are informal and inclusive, giving participants the chance to talk about their ideas and experiences in a non-judgemental environment. You’ll be guided through a number of exercises and activities to help you look closely at your business and what positive steps can be taken moving forward.

PLUS practical tools to take home

As a participant, you’ll also receive practical tools to help you take the next steps:

  • comprehensive workbook to help you get the most out of the workshop
  • Family Business Continuity manual including: 1) Templates and explanations on how to use them 2) Questions to ask professional services 3) Advice on how to develop and manage your ‘succession team’

You’re not alone

While running a family business may be a challenging and seemingly isolated road, you are certainly not alone. There are 870,000 family businesses in Australia (120,000 in Queensland). But, alarmingly, in 70% of cases, the continuity of the business and transferral of wealth to the next generation is unsuccessful due to:

  • Poor family communication
  • Disruptive family dynamics
  • Inadequate family governance or estate planning
  • A low level of professional advice

However, with the right advice and careful planning, a family business can continue successfully for many generations.

What participants have said:

Find out more

To find out more about our Family Business Continuity workshops, give Lloyd a call on 0413 549 748 or drop him a line using our inquiry form